• Taylor Swift faces several mishaps onstage
  • During her 'Eras Tour' in Tokyo
  • She nearly falls off her chair

Taylor Swift, the 14-time Grammy-winning megastar, made a sensational comeback to the stage in Tokyo, proving once again that she's the reigning queen of the music world. After a short break, Taylor hit the ground running, captivating 55,000 fans with her stellar performance. But it wasn't all smooth sailing for the beloved global superstar!

In a moment that sent social media into a frenzy, Taylor's dance routine on a chair took an unexpected turn. A video that's now all over the internet shows the pop icon's split-second of shock as she realized the chair wasn't where she thought it would be. But fear not, Swifties! Taylor's ninja-like reflexes had her hovering in a squat, then back in action like nothing happened. Talk about a pro!

Fans can't get enough of Taylor's agility

The internet is ablaze with praise for Taylor's physical prowess. "She’s been doing her squats bc I would’ve fallen right on my ass," one fan tweeted, while others simply marveled at her flawless recovery. Did her heels betray her, or was it a sneaky chair move? The debate rages on!

Even the best have their off moments. Taylor momentarily tripped over the words to "Dear Reader," but did she drop a clue for her eagle-eyed Swifties? With her new album, The Tortured Poets Department, on the horizon, every word and gesture is a potential hint. And those white nails? A nod to the album's theme, perhaps?

Hot news:

With four more shows to rock in Tokyo, Taylor's not slowing down. She's also gearing up for the Super Bowl, where her beau Travis Kelce will be playing. It's Swift season, and we're all here for it!