• Beck is a famous music star
  • He rose to fame in the '90s
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Beck is one of the most well-known musicians of this day and age. His eclectic music combines a mix of alternative rock, country, hip hop, electronic, and funk, which has garnered a huge fan base! 

Music star Beck's career then...

Born July 8th, 1970 as Bek David Campbell, the musician is a native of Los Angeles. Beck already grew up around the arts: his mother was a visual artist herself, and his Canadian father was an arranger, composer and conductor. He got his first guitar at 16 and basically never stopped playing. 

Beck actually dropped out of school after junior high and worked through various jobs, including as a leaf blower. To pursue his love for music, he performed on the street and city buses and eventually moved to New York in 1989 to further pursue a career in music, but with no luck. 

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By 1991, Beck had moved back to LA with a similar lifestyle, but this time performing at cafes and arthouse clubs, where he sang about the most random and mundane things. Luck hit him when he was approached by a record producer, thus producing a sample of  "Loser" in 1992. 

Music star Beck's career now!

Throughout all the tumultuous events that occurred in Beck's rough childhood, the artist is now a 7-time winning Grammy musician, including Album of the Year for Morning Phase in 2015. 

His latest album, Hyperspace (2019), won two Grammys alone. All in all, throughout the music world, Beck has been nominated 54 times and has won an incredible 18 of these awards.

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Today, Beck continues to tour around the world - from Germany to music festivals across the U.S. The rock star has recently released his 14th studio album, Hyperspace, which was primarily produced with Pharrell. 

What a duo! And what an exciting turnaround for Beck!