Lewis Capaldi has recently called it quits with his girlfriend, student Catherine Halliday. The now 24-year-old Scottish singer is single and focusing on his career.  Lewis Capaldi was always destined for the spotlight and began preparing for his amazing career at the young age of two!

Born October 7, 1996 in Glasgow, Scotland, the "Someone You Loved" singer began to learn how to play the drums and guitar at the age of two, at nine was performing in local pubs, and by 17 was dedicated to his chosen career path! 

Lewis Capaldi Girlfriend

Lewis Capaldi attends Spotify's Best New Artist Party 2018

Lewis Capaldi's girlfriend before Catherine Halliday broke the young singer's heart and inspired one of his first hit songs! Capaldi's first serious girlfriend, Love Island winner Paige Turley, called it quits with the singer after 18 months of dating, telling him he was "disgusting" according to an interview he gave with iHeart Radio

The breakup inspired Capaldi to pen his hit "Hold You While You Wait". While Paige Turley would go on to win Love Island, Lewis Capaldi has seen even more success than his ex with a number of hits including:

  • "Rush"
  • "Tough"
  • "Before You Go"
  • "Let It Roll"
  • "Someone You Loved"
  • "Leaving My Love Behind"

Lewis Capaldi Today

Lewis Capaldi performs at the BRIT Awards 2020

While Lewis Capaldi is now dealing with his second big public breakup with student Catherine Halliday, the couple's split was much more amicable than Capaldi's and Turley's. Set up by a mutual friend earlier this year, Capaldi and Halliday are splitting on good terms. 

The singer, who has a busy work schedule, decided it best to focus on his rising career and save the search for his special someone to a later date. He is hard at work on his new album, and it is rumored there is even a track about Catherine set to appear on the album. 

However, fans will need to wait sometime for the release of new music from Lewis Capaldi. In an interview with The Sun, Capaldi joked, "I think people have suffered enough in 2020. They don't need another song from me." We wish the now 24-year-old singer a happy birthday and only time will tell who Lewis Capaldi's next girlfriend will be!