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You might be familiar with Aziz Ansari's amazing characters, from "Tom Haverford", the cocky government official for the city of Pawnee in Parks and Recreation, to "Dev Shah" in Master of None, the 30-year-old actor whose romantic and professional experiences are depicted in both New York City and Modena, Italy.

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It seems like Ansari is quite versatile when it comes to appearing on screen. In fact, television shows and movies are not the only projects he has worked on. Did you know he also appeared in a music video?

Jay-Z and Kanye West - "Otis", featuring Aziz Ansari

In 2011, rappers and longtime friends Jay-Z and Kanye West released the music video for their song "Otis", which posthumously features soul singer Otis Redding by sampling his song "Try a Little Tenderness." While watching the phenomenal video, fans got to see the Master of None star for a couple seconds.

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Ansari is good friends with Kanye and Jay. According to NME, during an interview on Bill Simmons' podcast, Aziz opened up about their friendship: "When I did the Kanye, Jay-Z video, when I was in Otis – that was when I knew him and Jay-Z the most, when I would to see them a lot, I kept seeing them all the time in New York,” he said.

Watch the video here:

Aziz Ansari reveals details about his friendship with the rappers

The Parks and Rec actor also revealed a couple interesting facts about the hip hop artists: "Jay-Z is into food – I don’t know if people even know that but he’s really into food – and I would see him and we’d get dinner sometimes, like eating at cool restaurants."

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And what about Kanye? Well, Ansari said: "He’s such an interesting person and there’s just this view of him that some people have of him that’s just… I don’t know. He is that but he’s also this nice guy that I’ve met. He can be a very sweet guy."


He is a true rap legend!

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