• The Bee Gees is a famous music group
  • It consisted of the Gibb brothers
  • Learn more about Andy Gibb and why he wasn't a part of the group

When you think of the Gibb brothers, your mind probably goes straight to the Bee Gees.

The iconic pop and disco band featured Barry Gibb and his twin brothers Maurice and Robin. But there was a fourth Gibb brother named Andy who was a successful singer in his own right. Why wasn't he a Bee Gee?

Why was Andy Gibb not in the Bee Gees with his brothers?

If you're just getting into the Bee Gees or disco music, don't worry — there was no feud or sinister reason behind Andy Gibb not being in the band with his brothers.

Andy Gibb wasn't in Bee Gees because he was younger than his brothers.

Andy wasn't in the Bee Gees for a pretty straightforward reason: He was too young when Barry, Maurice, and Robin formed the band that became one of the all-time greats.

Andy wasn't all that much younger than his brothers — 12 years to Barry and nine to Maurice and Robin — but the Bee Gees formed when they also were quite young.

The group's first releases, in 1963, came out the year Barry turned 17 and the twins just 14! Andy was only a small child at the time. He also moved to the UK shortly after, while his brothers found fame originally based in Australia.

The Gibb brothers helped Andy become a singer

Andy began performing music of his own in the mid-1970s, and his brother Barry arranged for him to launch a career in Australia like the Bee Gees did. He sang in several projects, including an early demo with his brother Maurice.

Also Interesting:

Gibb's debut single "Words and Music" dropped in 1975 and was a minor hit in Australia. Not long after, he went on a huge run with international hits including "I Just Want to Be Your Everything" and "Shadow Dancing."

Andy Gibb's story ended tragically, however. His career began to wane in the 1980s and he battled drug addiction and depression throughout his life.

In 1988, Gibb passed away at the age of just 30 after being hospitalized with chest pains. He died of inflammation of the heart, according to People magazine, a diagnosis some have connected to his years of cocaine use.

Barry Gibb is the last-surviving Bee Gee and Gibb brother today.