• Sir Anthony Hopkins is a Hollywood legend
  • The actor terrified many in his most famous role
  • What is his life ilke now?

How cute is Sir Anthony Hopkins? The 'Silence of the Lambs' star is usually seen in dark roles, but apparently in private he is always in a really good mood.

'The Silence of the Lambs' Anthony Hopkins: Still dancing at 85

Anthony Hopkins recently posted a video on Instagram showing him dancing in the kitchen. The 85-year-old looks really agile! He moves his hips and arms to the song "Mambo Italiano".

In the caption, he shares part of the lyrics and writes, "Sunday vibe".

With such a cheery mood, Sunday can only be a good day. Fans of the Hollywood icon were delighted with the energetic video: "I'm glad to see you in the best of health and spirits! You are wonderful!" says one user. "Because of some Hollywood movies, I get scared when I see this guy in the kitchen," jokes another. 

We are also delighted that Anthony Hopkins is doing so well and hope that the star will remain so fit for a long time to come.

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