• Melissa Gilbert is known from 'Little House and the Prairie'
  • Her teeth prompted a comment from Michael Landon
  • He called them THIS

When 'Little House and the Prairie' started on TV, Melissa Gilbert was still a little girl. As a cheeky three-year-old, the actress became a star back then. On Instagram, the "Laura Ingalls" actress remembers a moment with her series father Michael Landon.

'Little House and the Prairie': Melissa Gilbert's teeth made us laugh

Melissa Gilbert shares a cute throwback post with her fans. It shows her in her classic role. Unmistakable, with the long pigtails and the mischievous grin - Michael Landon seemed to enjoy joking about this.

In her caption, she writes: "To quote Michael Landon, “Buck teeth?!? Halfpint, you could eat an apple through a picket fence!”" The actor was alluding to little Melissa's two front teeth, which were very pronounced at the time.

However, Melissa Gilbert seemed to have taken the remark with humor. As can be seen from the hashtags, the former child star apparently had braces to straighten her teeth. But the cute grin from back then remains unforgotten.

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