• Kathy Hill became famous with the "Last Christmas" video 
  • This is what the model looks like today

Kathy Hill became famous as the woman who broke George Michael's heart in the music video for "Last Christmas". The model flickers across the screen every year and can be seen in the clip for the famous Christmas song.  

Kathy Hill: This is what happened to the "Last Christmas" star today

Kathy Hill still remembers the filming of "Last Christmas", which took place in Switzerland. "The shoot was a lot of fun" she said in an interview with the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper.  

The model is just as beautiful today as she was back then, but her look has changed. The brown hair from the video is in the past and she is now a blonde. A blonde bob also suits her perfectly.  

Christmas 2023:

Kathy Hill raved about the atmosphere on set. "They welcomed me very well. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley had a great sense of humor and were very charming. There was a good atmosphere" said the model in the interview.  

Kathy Hill still remembers the "Last Christmas" shoot today

Kathy Hill is still impressed by the song's breakthrough. As in many other families, the song has long since become a classic in her family.  

"My family thinks the video is great, across all generations. Both my mother and my twins and their friends like it. They're 18 years old now. And, yes, every year the video comes back on TV and they watch it again and again. That's really strange. I had no idea it would take on a life of its own" reports the model.