The "Ginger" actress now

Tina Louise: The Last-Surviving 'Gilligan's Island' Star Today

Gilligan's Island cast: Tina Louise as "Ginger Grant"

Now in 2021, Tina Louise stands as the last surviving star of Gilligan's Island. The "Ginger" actress became the final cast member when Dawn Wells, who played "Mary Ann," sadly passed away in 2020. How old is Louise today and what is she up to now? Take a look at this video.

Tina Louise now stands as the final Gilligan's Island cast member still with us today. The hit 1960s sitcom featured seven main actors, but that number has sadly been reduced to just one surviving star after the death of Dawn Wells in late 2020.

Tina Louise: Last-Surviving Gilligan's Island Actor in 2021

In this video, we're taking a look at what Tina Louise is up to today and how old she is now.

Tina Louise: The Gilligan's Island "Ginger" Actress Today

We're hoping to see many more Tina Louise screen roles in the years to come! Watch the video for the latest on the Gilligan's Island star who played "Ginger."