• Lady Diana's death still worries the whole world to this day
  • Many conspiracy theories emerged
  • The senior police chief now explains

To this day, there are many myths surrounding Lady Diana's (†36) accident and death. Decades later, senior police officer David Douglas spoke to Good Morning Britain about his findings from back then.

"It's my absolute total belief it was a terrible, tragic accident in which three people lost their lives and one other person had their life turned upside down," said Douglas.

Accordingly, he contradicts conspiracy theorists who believe that too many coincidences led to the devastating accident, such as a drunk driver and that the occupants were not wearing seat belts.

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Lady Diana's death was investigated until 2006

Lady Diana's death was investigated into 2006. Even Prince Charles had to testify after a 1995 letter from Diana circulated, as various media outlets reported.

The investigation into this did not last long. Even Prince Charles could not help the investigators.

At the time Diana wrote this letter, she was not well. Also, that year was the famous and scandalous interview with Martin Bashir for the BBC. This interview is still considered fraudulent to this day, as Lady Diana appears to have been manipulated.

To learn more details about the story, watch the video above.