• Queen Margrethe announced her abdication in December 2023
  • But she doesn't seem to be ready for her pension
  • SO she wants to continue working

Queen Margrethe of Denmark, 83, declared her resignation in her New Year's address on December 31, 2023.

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Queen Margrethe: She wants to continue to support the monarchy

Queen Margrethe intends to maintain an active presence in Denmark's political sphere following her retirement from the monarchy.

The Danish palace has disclosed that she will assume the role of "head of state" after abdicating, enabling her to represent her son, Prince Frederik (55), and oversee the nation's official matters in the monarch's absence. This decision underscores the Queen's commitment to staying engaged in Danish politics and society post-abdication.

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The appointment as "head of state"  is scheduled for January 14, 2024, the day of her official abdication. From this date, Queen Margrethe can take over the duties of head of state if Prince Frederik and Prince Christian are unable to attend. This could be the case for trips abroad, for example.