• King Charles has cancer
  • Will William soon be king?
  • THIS is what royal experts think

Is Prince William ready to become king?

On February 5, Buckingham Palace published a statement that caused a worldwide sensation. King Charles III was diagnosed with cancer. 

King Charles diagnosed with cancer: will he abdicate?

The palace announced that the king had already met with has started "regular treatments" and despite the challenges "completely positive" attitude towards his recovery. As a result, he has put some of his public commitments on hold for the time being. The news comes as a surprise, as the king only succeeded to the throne less than 18 months ago. The royal family may now be facing another major change.

Also interesting:

Reports from insiders, quoted by 'The Globe' magazine, claim that abdication is being considered in favor of his heir. Prince William, who is next in line to the throne, is said to be worried about having to take over royal duties so early...

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