Today is April 1st and that means that Meghan and Harry are no longer senior working members of the royal family. But what is next for the couple, who is now living in Hollywood?

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According to a report by the Mirror, both family members and close friends have advised them to take a breather and just lay low for six months. That would probably suit Harry, who is reportedly "desperate to stop moving around".

Royal source: "They haven't listened to anyone"

Meanwhile, his wife Meghan is "pursuing many different avenues" for new opportunities with "increasing intensity". What does this mean for their future? A palace source has told the Mirror that they might not survive in the "shark tank" of Hollywood, where they are currently living in a rented out mansion.

The source said: "Everyone around them, both in the family and anyone who worked for them, is of the view they would do well to take some time out, perhaps six months will do them well right now. They haven’t listened to anyone but themselves and we are where we are."

"It could all end in tears"

"Hollywood is a shark tank and if they are not careful it could all end in tears. There’s no protection for them apart from those who are out to make money from them. They have entered a very different world – one Meghan was on the periphery of in her previous life and that Harry has never once been involved in."

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Meghan has already wrapped up her first job since quitting the royals when she narrated a new Disneynature documentary and the couple are also planning a new non-profit organization as they have enlisted the services of the PR firm Sunshine Sachs.

We will have to wait and see what the future brings for these two! We shall keep you updated with more stories on the royal family right HERE...

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