• The arts are an important part of British culture
  • The royal family has been active supporter of art throughout its history
  • Here are some of the initiatives the royal family supports

Through sponsorships and donations, as well as attending cultural and artistic events, the royal family demonstrates its commitment to the preservation and dissemination of culture and creativity. The fact is, many members of the royal family have artistic interests and abilities, which allows them to further strengthen the relationship between the royal family and the art world.

The British royal family has a proud tradition in the arts

The royal family has supported art in many ways over the years, including its patronage and personal collection of artwork. Some important institutions and entities that have been supported by the royal family include: The Royal Academy of Arts. The royal family is a prominent figure at the Royal Academy of Arts, one of the UK's leading art institutions.

Also interesting:

King Charles is an active supporter of the academy and has been its honorary president since 1970. Then there's also The National Gallery. The royal family has been associated with the London gallery since its founding in 1824. They have been patrons of the gallery and have donated important works of art to its collection...

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