• The line of succession to the British throne changed with the death of the Queen
  • So did the titles and responsibilities of their four children 
  • We explain what all this means

With the death of the Queen, many things have changed among the British royals. King Charles III has been the head of the royal family since September 2022 and his wife Duchess Camilla is now officially "Queen Consort".

Charles' eldest son Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate, also have new titles. They are now Prince and Princess of Wales. But these changes do not only affect King Charles' family line.

These are the new tasks of King Charles' siblings 

His three siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward, and their families also receive new responsibilities with the death of the Queen.

Thus, many already see Princess Anne as a future counselor who will assist her older brother. King Charles and Princess Anne are said to have a close relationship. The two are separated by an age difference of just 21 months. Rumor has it that Princess Anne will also receive a higher title soon.

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Prince Andrew has fallen out of favor due to certain allegations in the past. Nevertheless, he is said to play a role in his older brother's new monarchy. He will thus continue to hold the position of Counselor of State.

Thus, he can stand in for King Charles and temporarily perform duties when the latter is prevented "due to illness or absence abroad," as described by The Sun.

King Charles' youngest brother Prince Edward will have a higher title alongside his wife Sophie. The couple will take care of most of the royal duties left by Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, who no longer serve as senior royals.