• Prince William alone at the BAFTA Film Awards
  • He seemed cheerful
  • Expert interprets his public appearance

Prince William (41) showed his best side at the recent BAFTA Film Awards, but also the first time solo without Princess Kate (42). A body language expert predicts that there is more happening behind his smile.

Prince William: What his solo performance was really like

Despite the glamorous atmosphere and his dazzling appearance in a chic navy blue velvet tuxedo, Prince William appears to be struggling with personal issues. Body language expert Judi James interpreted the subtle signs that point to the royal's inner struggles to 'Daily Express US'.

Prince William's appearance at the Film Awards was uncertain until the awards took place, as his wife, Princess Kate, is recovering from a serious operation. Nevertheless, William managed to pose on the red carpet with a beaming smile. 

Prince William at the BAFTA Awards without Kate

According to Judi James, this smile could be hiding more than what appears at first glance. The expert analyzed William's behavior and suggested that his excessive laughter and general smiling could be seen as an attempt to hide his "inner tension and anxiety" to mask it.

Judi James continued, "This was a royal ‘Ken without his Barbie’ evening for William, who looked painfully alone without Kate beside him at what is usually one of the most dazzling appearances of the year for the couple."

It's not just concern for his wife that seems to be weighing on William's mind. It was recently revealed, that his father, King Charles III (75), is suffering from cancer. The challenges faced by members of the royal family are often hidden behind a carefully maintained public façade.

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