• Princess Anne had an accident
  • Who will stand in for her now?
  • The royal family has fewer options than ever

First Princess Kate and King Charles, now Princess Anne too. The British royal family seems to attract health problems as of late. Anne's absence after suffering a concussion is a particular burden on the monarchy. Princess Anne has consistently been one of the royals with the most appointments in recent years and is very supportive of her big brother Charles.

What's next for the monarchy?

It is not yet clear how long Anne will be absent - and not all of her appointments are likely to be easily postponed or put on hold. Which brings this up: The question is who else can take on the princess's duties. Prince William is supporting his wife Kate in her recovery and is looking after his children, which is why he is unlikely to take on any additional duties.  

Also interesting:

King Charles and Queen Camilla also have to be careful because of Charles' cancer - after all, the monarch shouldn't overdo it. His youngest brother Edward and wife Sophie are also very busy and have been taking on more and more appointments recently...

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