• With royals, appearances are everything
  • Fans often wonder what the royal are like in private
  • Queen Camilla's friend just revealed her true personality

Queen Camilla is known for her somewhat serious demeanour and, above all, for standing by King Charles III.

But now, a close friend of the Queen Consort spoke about parts of her personality that are little known to the public.

Her friend, star Paul O'Grady, told the Daily Mail what Camilla is like in private – including a detail that will probably surprise you.

Queen Camilla is full of surprises behind closed doors

"Camilla's a really funny woman," O'Grady said, adding, "you can have a great laugh with her and you don't feel like you're on ceremony."

"I always get a big hug and kiss from her, too, which always shocks everybody," he explained.

Also interesting:

The Queen Consort's connection with her friend began long ago, with their shared love of animals – particularly dogs.

Will Paul O'Grady share more details about the King's wife? We hope so.

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