• Princess Charlène surprised at a new appointment
  • She appeared in a yellow dress
  • She even showed some skin in it

Finally, Princess Charlène (44) seems to be doing well again. Prince Albert's wife (64) often completes appointments, whether at her husband's side or even alone. At the end of July, she visited a retirement home in Monaco, where she spent time with the elderly and carers. 

For the appointment, Charlène decided on a very unusual outfit. The princess shone in yellow and attracted everyone's attention. The sleeveless dress had a lace pattern – here the royal is much bolder in terms of styling than we are used to. 

Princess Charlène in the old folks home in style

Princess Charlène seemed to enjoy the trip very much. In the pictures posted by the royal family on Instagram, she smiles as she greets the residents of the nursing home. 

She also distributed pictures of the royal family to the pensioners. The seniors were certainly happy and certainly enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the event. And it's also nice for Charlène that she can attend appointments regularly again.

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Last year she had to stay in South Africa for a few months after an ENT infection because her health prevented her from flying. When she finally returned to Monaco, she first went to a clinic for further recovery.