• King Harald has health issues
  • Now he has to reduce his duties
  • THIS is what's happening

On April 22, the Danish royal family disclosed that King Harald, aged 87, would be undergoing a "permanent reduction" in his royal duties. "The king will make adjustments to his programme in the future, out of consideration for his age. This will entail a permanent reduction in the number and scope of activities in which the king participates," stated a release from the royal family.

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A Monarch's journey through illness and recovery

The announcement coincided with the conclusion of the king's two-week illness, which began with an ailment during a private journey to Malaysia in February. Following hospitalization for an infection during the trip, the 87-year-old received attentive medical treatment.

Following his return to Norway, the king underwent the placement of a temporary pacemaker due to a low heart rate. Subsequently, he received a permanent pacemaker and was discharged after a brief hospitalization in Oslo. Throughout his recovery, his duties were assumed by his son, Prince Haakon, aged 50.

Despite facing several health challenges in recent years, King Harald has reiterated his commitment to his role, expressing no intentions of abdicating. "No, I don't really have it. I stand by what I have said all along. I have taken an oath to the Storting, and it lasts for life," he affirmed at an event in January. His steadfastness underscores his determination to continue as king, notwithstanding the necessity to reduce his activities.

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