• The British royal family has some curious Christmas traditions
  • Lady Diana knew nothing of the rules at her first event
  • She presented a gift that was very embarrassing in hindsight

Royals also have certain protocols during the holiday season. When it comes to gifts, the palace has a very special ritual... However, this got Princess Diana into quite a pickle during her first Christmas with the royal family and led to an embarrassing moment, reports the Mirror.

Lady Diana: Embarrassing anecdote about first Christmas present

Prince Philip (†99) once led the Royals in a particularly funny tradition. As in most other families, it is customary in the Windsor house to give one another gifts.

But in the British royal family, bizarre fun gag gifts are on the wish list. Lady Diana apparently knew nothing about this tradition and gave her sister-in-law Princess Anne a fine cashmere sweater.

When she got a toilet paper holder in return, Lady Diana was shocked. Luckily Diana was aware of the tradition the next year and avoided another embarrassing moment. She gave her then-sister-in-law Sarah Ferguson a leopard print bath mat.

Also interesting:

The other royals were no slouch when it came to gifts either. Princess Anne is said to have once given her brother Charles a white leather toilet seat, which he is said to still take with him on his travels to this day.

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