• Again and again Camilla and her sister show up together at public appearances
  • The two really do look alike
  • This is Camilla's sister Annabel Elliot

Some people at first glance just look like they are related to each other. This is the case for Queen Camilla and her sister Annabel Elliot, who is two years younger.

Blonde hair, a slightly elongated and narrow face, and very similar facial expressions make it abundantly clear that these two ladies are sisters. If they then also wear sunglasses, they look almost confusingly alike.

Queen Camilla and Sister Annabel have a close relationship

Queen Camilla and Annabel Elliot have a very close relationship. Be it garden parties or the Wimbledon tennis tournament, the two keep popping up together.

Also Interesting:

Annabel Elliot is also the chief interior designer for the estates of her brother-in-law, King Charles. For example, Camilla's sister set up a dozen cottages on the Isles of Scilly.

How well Annabel knows her profession is shown by her inclusion in the Daily Telegraph as one of the five most influential interior designers in Great Britain.