• King Charles III has cancer
  • An abdication is currently out of the question
  • However, this would happen in such an event

It came as a shock to the whole world when Buckingham Palace announced a few days ago that King Charles III (75) had been diagnosed with cancer. Although he has been advised to postpone public appearances, King Charles III will continue to conduct affairs of state. But what would happen if Charles were to abdicate?

The royal protocol for King Charles' possible abdication

The abdication of a monarch is a process that is only possible by an Act of Parliament - a process governed by the Declaration of Abdication Act 1936. A reigning King or Queen must first make a formal declaration that he or she no longer wishes to serve as monarch.

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The process is then in the hands of Parliament, with both the House of Commons and the House of Lords having to pass an abdication bill. Prince William (41), the current heir to the throne, would take the throne as King William V...

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