• Princess Madeleine is moving back to Sweden permanently
  • She and her family will leave the USA
  • THIS is what we know

This news comes as a surprise! As announced by the Swedish Royal Palace, Princess Madeleine (40) is moving back to Sweden. The royal makes a drastic decision for herself and her family.

Princess Madeleine and her family are moving back to Sweden

Princess Madeleine is coming back to Sweden in just a few months. "HRH Princess Madeleine and Mr Christopher O'Neill, together with their children, will move to Stockholm in August 2023," the statement read. 

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Accordingly, the statement confirmed that Madeleine will return to their old home and live in an apartment in the royal stables "indefinitely." The royal's two older children, Leonore and Nicolas, will attend a primary school in Stockholm, while Adrienne will attend preschool.

Princess Madeleine has lived in Florida with her family since 2018. Over the years she visited her homeland of Sweden regularly, but only for a short time.