In a feature for The Guardian, the Duchess of Cornwall has sent a heartfelt message to all victims of abuse, especially addressing the increase in domestic violence during the coronavirus lockdown. She writes that she finds it "deeply troubling" how cases of domestic violence have risen about 20 percent globally ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Duchess Camilla to abuse victims: "You are not alone."

In her passionate piece, Duchess Camilla sent a message to all victims: "Six months ago, our country went into lockdown. Almost immediately, we saw both the best and the worst of human behaviour. For many, charity truly began at home, with family members caring for shielding relatives, and neighbours pulling together in new and different ways. But for some, it was abuse, rather than charity, that began at home."

The Duchess of Cornwall is the patron of SaveLives, a charity from the United Kingdom dedicated to ending domestic abuse "for everyone and for good", as they write on their official page. The Duchess also touched on the "heartbreaking" stories she has heard from people living in abusive relationships, who were oftentimes unable to seek help during the lockdown.

"I have learned how vital it is to spread the word about the help that is available. For any readers in that situation, please know that you are not alone," she wrote. "While many aspects of our lives are now slowly returning to some kind of normality, we must also remember there are those for whom the lockdown of fear and abuse remains. It is therefore vital that we continue to do everything we can to help them in whatever way possible for as long as is necessary."

This is not the first time the Duchess has addressed the problem of domestic violence, most recently giving a speech back in early March at the Women of the World Festival.