• Kate and Meghan have appeared together again in public
  • They appeared before the people with their husbands after the death of the Queen
  • This is what Kate says about the reunion

The death of Queen Elizabeth II († 96) brings the former dream team "Fab Four" back together. William (40) and Harry (37) appeared together with their wives Kate (40) and Meghan (41) to receive the condolences of the people.

Body language expert Judi James saw "unity and some bonding prompted by mutual grief," according to The Sun. But what does the newly crowned Princess of Wales, Kate, say about this performance?

Duchess Kate on appearance with Meghan and Harry

In the past it has often been rumored that Kate and Meghan do not get along. Speaking to several fellow citizens, the country's future Queen told a family, according to Metro: "At times like this you've got to come together."

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Apparently, the alleged quarrels can be put aside at such sad events. Kate had several conversations with the mourners outside Windsor Castle. She shared the sweet reaction from her youngest, Prince Louis (4): "At least Granny is with Great-Grandpa now," he is said to have said.

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