• Duchess Meghan supports the royal family
  • She is very emotional
  • The royals support each other

During the royal's most emotional moments she is always there: Duchess Meghan (41). Contrary to what was expected, Prince Harry's wife plays a major role during the service of the late Queen Elizabeth († 96). She stands behind the coffin, right next to her husband, to commemorate the Queen.

Only the most important royals are ahead of her. Nobody expected her to be so present in the ceremony. Meghan arrived at Westminster Hall in a car, as did Kate, (40), and Camilla, (75). No one else shows as much emotion and feelings as Duchess Meghan.

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No one else shows as many feelings as Duchess Meghan

She seems a little shaky on her feet and on the verge of tears. Kate also struggles with her feelings.

For them, it is one of their most important royal appearances.  Her family-in-law knows they're constantly in the public eye. Harry and Meghan are still part of the nuclear family - you can tell by how close everyone is.

Harry and Meghan walked hand in hand.