• A new poll shows the popularity of the royals
  • Duchess Meghan performs poorly
  • The Duchess seems increasingly unpopular amongst the British

In 2020, Prince Harry (38) and his wife Meghan (41) decided to turn their backs on England and the British royal family. The young couple wanted to build a life in America far away from their royal duties. While many can understand Meghan and Harry's bold move, the Duchess of Sussex's popularity is falling.

According to the survey, Meghan and Harry are increasingly unpopular

At least that's the result of a survey that The Sun currently conducted after The Queen's funeral. While William (40) and Kate (40) are as popular as ever, Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry are still divided.

Although Meghan does relatively well among Britons in the 18-24 age group, the Duchess ranks last in the older age categories.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan also perform poorly in other categories. 40 percent of respondents do not want the two to return to the royal family.

Katy Docherty of The Sun lists other results from the poll. Accordingly, 50 percent are of the opinion that a monarch should quietly abdicate in old age. And as the "best partner" of a royal, according to the survey, Kate and Sophie von Wessex (57) took the first two places.