• Duchess Meghan invited Paris Hilton to her podcast
  • In it, she admits to having been a nerd
  • In addition, she misjudged Paris for a long time

Who would have guessed? Duchess Meghan (41) was a real nerd during her school days. In the latest episode of her Archetypes podcast, Meghan was talking to It-Girl Paris Hilton (41).

In conversation, the Duchess admitted she was quite nervous about the conversation. When Meghan was young, she greatly envied and admired Paris Hilton.

Duchess Meghan talks to Paris Hilton in her podcast

During the episode, Paris Hilton and Meghan also discussed the term "bimbo" and how Paris played into the image that she was a "dumb blonde." This is what Paris did as a "safety mechanism" to escape trauma after she was allegedly abused at Provo Canyon School in Utah when she was 16.

"I remember growing up in LA around the same age and you were just so famous and so beautiful. I was this nerd, so it was so hard for me to think about what you and I would talk about when so much of the identity – whether it was placed upon you, or you adopted, or embraced, or used to build a career – was about not leaning into being smart," confesses Meghan while speaking to Paris Hilton.

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Duchess Meghan judged Paris Hilton too early

After their conversation, Meghan admitted it "doesn't feel good" to have judged Paris before they met and she was ashamed of envying her.

"You heard me at the beginning of this episode talk about how I was nervous for this one. Nervous because, while I’m embarrassed to admit it, I had a judgement about Paris. And I don’t like having judgement. Doesn’t feel good," Meghan sums up the conversation.