• King Charles made a public appearance
  • It's the first time since his diagnosis
  • He gives free rein to his emotions

On Sunday, scores of Royals fans gathered to greet King Charles III and Queen Camilla as they arrived for Easter Mass at St. George's Chapel in Windsor. Despite the cancer diagnoses of the King and Princess Kate, the couple were positive and grateful for the support. Afterwards, however, Charles looked anything but optimistic.

King Charles: A good face for a bad game?

King Charles made his first major public appearance since the announcement of his illness. His cheerful demeanor and interaction with those present offered the public a much-needed glimmer of hope. But is the king really doing so well?

King Charles looks very worn out after the Easter Mass in March 2024

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In snapshots taken after the fair, Charles looks very upset. He looks very sad and is fighting back tears. It seems that he has tried to give the population hope, which has cost him a lot of strength. After this difficult task, a great weight has obviously fallen from his shoulders...

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