• There are new pictures of the Swedish royals
  • It was harvest time for Estelle and Oscar
  • They've gotten so big

Fans had to wait quite a while for new pictures of the Swedish royal children. Now the time has finally come. Brand new shots of Princess Estelle, 10, and Prince Oscar, 6, show just how tall  Princess Victoria (45) of Sweden's children have already become.

They are so big: Estelle and Oscar are harvesting fruit

The new photos, taken by Victoria herself, show Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar harvesting some fruit. The two little royals went out into nature on the island of Öland. The siblings got to work on a farm with numerous fruit trees.

The otherwise fancy-looking royals showed up in a wonderfully normal look, consisting of simple jogging pants and sweaters. In one of the pictures, Estelle is curled up in a tree picking apples while her little brother Oscar, rope in hand, makes sure everything runs smoothly.

In the second shot, Estelle presents the result of her harvest with a beaming smile and super proudly, shows off many crates full of pears and apples.

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