• Royals live a lavish life
  • What is it really like in the palaces?
  • Filled with extravagance and tradition

Life inside a royal palace is elegant and comfortable

In royal palaces, luxuries are a fundamental part of everyday life. Kings and nobility enjoy spacious and lavishly decorated rooms, with period furniture and works of art that reflect their status and wealth.

Huge beds, marble bathrooms, libraries and private lounges are just some of the features of these rooms.They also have servants to attend to your every need, from making your tea to tidying up your rooms.

The food served to royals is also impressive, but even more so for banquets. At these events, exquisite dishes prepared by top chefs are served, along with wines and champagnes of the finest quality.

Palace life is also strict

Life in a royal palace is also full of traditions and customs that have been passed down from generation to generation. For example, most royal palaces celebrate Ascension Day with a procession through the streets of the city.

The Royals are expected to be involved in non-profit organizations and attend several important celebrations, inaugurations and weddings throughout the commonwealth. 

It is also common for kings and other nobility to attend operas and concerts in the city's most important theatres. 

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In short, life in a royal palace is a mix of luxuries, traditions and challenges. Royals and nobility enjoy a life of comfort, but they must also adhere to strict rules of etiquette and behaviour.

In addition, they must always be on guard to ensure their safety. Nevertheless, the fascination with royal palaces is still something that attracts many people, and it is easy to understand why!