• Princess Victoria of Sweden turns 45 years old
  • THIS is what you need to know about her
  • Here are ten exciting facts

Happy Birthday, Princess Victoria! The Swedish royal turns 45 on July 14. There's definitely a lot you didn't know about her. That's why we will tell you ten exciting facts about Princess Victoria.

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Princess Victoria: THIS is what you need to know about her

  1. Princess Victoria is a true language genius. In addition to Swedish, she also speaks French, English – and German. However, her mother Queen Silvia did not teach her, even though she comes from Germany, but a private tutor did.
  2. In order to prepare for her role as royal, she pursued various professional activities. In 2002 she completed an internship at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Berlin.
  3. She studied political science and history. 
  4. A Barbie was made for Princess Victoria, which was optically based on her. It was exhibited at the toy fair in Nuremberg.
  5. Since 2010 she has been married to the commoner Prince Daniel, who was her former personal trainer. Together the couple have two children.
  6. The royal still had children after the age of 35. At 38, she gave birth to her second child, Prince Oscar.
  7. She has a total of 18 godchildren. 
  8. She is known for her down-to-earth attitude and closeness to the people. With her husband Prince Daniel, she shows herself again and again at events far away from royal duties. 
  9. Victoria Day is celebrated every year in Sweden on her birthday. The celebrations will be broadcast on Swedish television.
  10. Princess Victoria has ties to the British royal family. However, she is far behind in the line of succession.

Did you know Princess Victoria has a lot to offer? It is not for nothing that she is one of the most popular royals in Europe.