In the Monegasque royal family, beauty seems to be in their genes. The daughters of Stephanie of Monaco (56) are now grown up and simply beautiful. A certain similarity to their grandmother Grace Kelly († 52) cannot be denied. Let us introduce you to Pauline Ducruet (27) and Camille Gottlieb (23).  

Stephanie of Monaco's Daughters: These are Grace Kelly's Granddaughters

The two granddaughters of Grace Kelly are all grown up now. The fact that Pauline and Camille are descended from the Hollywood beauty Grace Kelly cannot be denied. Pauline Ducruet is the daughter of Daniel Ducruet (56).

When he and Stephanie got married, Pauline was inducted into the line of succession along with her brother Louis. She is currently in 16th place in the Monegasque line of succession to the throne.

The granddaughter of Grace Kelly († 52) Pauline Ducruet

Her half-sister Camille Gottlieb is the daughter of Jean-Raymond Gottlieb (54). Camille's face is similar to that of her famous grandmother, as you can see again and again on Instagram or at various appearances. She also wears body jewelry and has several tattoos. However, Camille is not part of the Monegasque line of succession, as her mother Stephanie was never married to her father. 

In addition to their beauty, they both have more to offer. Pauline has already made a name for herself as a designer and opened a pop-up store in Monaco in 2020. Her sister Camille and friends founded a foundation that advocates against drinking and driving. Grace Kelly would be so proud! 

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