The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are reportedly holding meetings with prominent organizations that are a part of the Black Lives Matter movement that is currently in full force in the United States and around the world. 

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Harper Bazaar's Royal Editor has revealed some information about the couple during these times of change and protest. Omid Scoobie said that the Duke and Duchess have been having a "variety of conversations" lately concerning the BLM movement.

Harry and Meghan: "They are both feeling it"

"This is something that is incredibly personal to Meghan, especially given everything she has experienced. And as a couple, it is, of course, very important. They are both feeling it, just like the rest of us," a source shared. 

Adding, "Both Meghan and Harry have been quietly having meetings behind the scenes with people on all levels to make sure that they are educated and connected to the issues of police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement." 

Meghan and Harry Are Having "Private Conversations" With Leaders

The couple are doing their part to better understand the events that are happening: "Harry and Meghan have been having private conversations with community leaders and people at every level. By speaking to as many people and organizations as possible, it has been a way for them to feel connected to everything that’s going on and learn more about the issues surrounding it."

Duchess Meghan has been outspoken about racial inequality and racism for many years. An older campaign video from 2012 recently resurfaced where we see Markle talking about her personal experiences with racism as a biracial woman with a Black mother.