• Harry and Meghan expect the next negative surprise
  • They were demoted on the royal website
  • This also affects their children

Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) likely expected another setback from the royal palace. Recently, the two were demoted widely on the royal website under the 'Members of the Royal Family' section.

Editor of the Daily Mail Diary Richard Eden writes in The Mail+: I learn that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were demoted on the official royal website on Monday. [...] To add insult to injury, there is now only one member of the family below them — and that’s Prince Andrew, who stepped back from royal duties after the scandal over his links to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein." 

The reason for the Sussexes' relegation seems plausible, as those who don't perform their royal duties should not be put above those who do.

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The postponement also has an impact on Prince Harry and Meghan's children

The postponement also affects Prince Harry and Meghan's children. The titles of Archie (3) and Liliibet (1) are described on the website as Master and Miss instead of Prince and Princess.

A statement from King Charles (73) on how the two should be called in the future is now being awaited. Since the Queen's death, royal rules require children to bear the titles of Prince and Princess.

During the Queen's funeral, Harry and Meghan sat in the second row instead of the first, like William and Kate. However, the ranking remains the same. After Prince William (40) and his children, Prince Harry has a right to the throne.