It seems as if both the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex's role were cast when they were very young. When they lost their mother, Princess Diana, William was just fifteen, while Harry was still a child at twelve. The teenage William had to take on a lot of responsibility quickly, becoming a protective older brother to Harry. It's no surprise then that Prince William may seem older than his years sometimes, an impression only highlighted by his being a father of three!

On the other hand it is seductively easy to still associate the Duke of Sussex with drunken antics, a string of blonde girlfiriends and a penchant for playing strip billiards, although a very different Prince Harry has emerged of late. This version is still friendly, fun and approachable, but as Arthur Edwards has described it, somewhat "more aloof"

In an interview with the Express, Edwards revealed that Harry had always had a superb relationship with the media, but that this relationship had changed over the last few months. "He would always engage in some way, that’s completely stopped now", he explained, going on to state that when Prince Harry and Meghan visited Ireland in July, Prince Harry declined to hit a ball when visiting Croke Park in Dublin, something he would never have done before, “there would have come a time when he would have hit that ball out of the ground I would assure you.”

Even though this change is noticeable, it certainly hasn't lost Prince Harry any fans, a fact Edwards was keen to stress, "he’s changed a bit yeah, I mean he’s still Harry and he’s still lovely and he’s still the most popular member of the Royal family.”