• Henry Golding is a celebrated British actor
  • He used to work as a hairdresser
  • James Middleton used to be a client

We all have to start somewhere...even if you're a hotshot celebrity. Before his acting career took off, Henry held a very different job. For years, he trained as a hairdresser and ended up becoming a very hip stylist in London. The job had its many perks, and one of those was meeting high-profile people.

Henry Golding was handling royal hair before it was cool

Henry worked at a very chic salon. And one day it paid off in spades. It just so happens that fate would lead him to meet the Middletons. In the past, the British royal family has visited the salon where Henry worked and one of the actor's clients was Duchess Kate's brother, James Middleton!

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The news was very exciting to those of us who heard it for the first time! Henry talked about this in an interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. He spoke fondly about his encounter with the Royals: "I don't know if I should say it, but Kate Middleton used to come to the hairdresser I used to work at..."

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