• Eurovision 2022 was this week
  • Serbia's Konstrakta came in fifth place
  • She sang a song about Meghan Markle's hair

Duchess Meghan got a shoutout (of sorts) at Eurovision 2022. Her name featured as lyrics in a song by Konstrakta, a singer from Serbia. And the song actually did quite well: Konstrakta earned fifth place in the contest.

Explained: Meghan Markle song at Eurovision 2022?

The Meghan Markle song, called "In Corpore Sano," was sung in Serbian, but her name is repeated several times at the start. In translation, Konstrakta sings: "What could be the secret of Meghan Markle's healthy hair? What could it be?"

Konstrakta at Eurovision 2022

The meaning of the song is a bit mysterious. It appears to feature ironic lyrics about media obsession with celebrity, health, and body image.

According to Express, Konstrakta said she chose to name Duchess Meghan because she is "representative of all those people in the media that we're focused on."

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Konstrakta was Serbia's artist for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. When all was said and done, her Meghan Markle song — an alternative pop track with an elaborate performance — ended up finishing fifth.

Ukraine's Kalush Orchestra took the top prize with a song called "Stefania."