• King Charles is crowned on Prince Archie's birthday
  • He wanted to make a toast for his grandson
  • Because of this, he discarded the idea

What a coincidence! King Charles' (74) coronation ceremony takes place on the same day as Prince Archie's (3) birthday.

Prince Harry at the coronation: just the formalities?

Originally, King Charles intended to offer a toast for his grandson's birthday. But the royal now seems to have discarded this idea.

An insider tells the 'Daily Mail': "The king intended to propose a toast for Archie. But as none of the Sussexes will be in attendance, it's very unlikely that will happen."

Prince Harry (38) is only supposed to be present at the actual ceremony and will travel back to the USA immediately afterwards, causing him to miss the banquet that follows. 

Also interesting:

"Harry wants to be present at the coronation and celebrate Archie's birthday. The flight from London to Los Angeles is about 10 hours, so he could be back with his family for dinner around 5pm," the insider said.

We're excited to see how King Charles' coronation will ultimately unfold!