• Princess Kate debuted some impressive looks recently in the US
  • Now she and Prince William are back in the UK
  • Kate outdid herself with a whole new look

Princess Kate always impresses with simple elegance. But in the past few days, the Princess of Wales was allowed to do more – at least in terms of makeup!

After the wife of Prince William appeared in the US with a striking look, she returned home – and proved that more is more at another event.

Would you recognize Kate in more make-up than usual?

Kate showed up at an event at Buckingham Palace with extremely accentuated cheeks. We're not used to seeing her like this at all! See the photos in the video above.

With the grand hairstyle including a tiara, Princess Kate really changed her look. Her hair is highly styled and combed back, so her extreme makeup stands out even more.

Also interesting:

She rarely shows herself with such an eye-catching look. But the pretty princess does not need the make-up at all.

After all, she proves this regularly with her public appearances, where she always looks beautiful – even without much make-up on her face.

See all the pictures in the video above!