• Meghan Markle's brand has sparked a new royal saga
  • Her jam is competing with King Charles'
  • HERE is how the healthy rivalry started

The internet buzz around the Duchess's limited launch of her first American Riviera Orchard product, a strawberry preserve, has royal followers in a frenzy, leading to an unexpected spike in sales for Charles' Highgrove Organic Strawberry Preserve. It's one of those things that will probably bring the family closer.

A Sweet Surprise

Meghan's brand, centered around the lush identity of central California and dubbed the "American Riviera," contrasts sharply with Charles' Highgrove brand, which sells not just a preserve but an entire English heritage.

While the Duchess teased her followers with a select giveaway to 50 influencers, causing a social media sensation, it seems the royal enthusiasts couldn't wait to get their taste buds on some royal jam, leading them to Charles' quintessentially English alternative.

Among the lucky few to sample Meghan's strawberry preserve were Tracy Robbins, a fashion designer, and Delfina Blaquier, an Argentinian socialite, both of whom couldn't help but rave about the product on Instagram.

Tracy claimed the jam was so delicious she was "not sure I’m sharing with anyone," while Delfina expressed her love for the product, tagging the brand's account. Despite this, the Duchess's brand has been tight-lipped, with no further updates or promotions, leaving fans eagerly waiting.

Though it’s unclear when Duchess Meghan’s jam will be available for popular consumption, some of her chosen 50 influencers are already raving about the product.

The jam is the first product in the American Riviera Orchard brand, which the duchess soft-launched in March with a return to Instagram and a fresh website. Despite the social media chatter, there were no updates or promos posted to American Riviera Orchard’s Instagram account or any pages added to its website.

For now, Sussex fans will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the duchess’ jelly—and to see if it stacks up against the king’s.

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As the battle of the jams heats up, royal followers are left to speculate when Meghan's preserve will hit the shelves and how it will compare to the King's. For now, the Duchess's fans will have to be patient, while Charles' jam enjoys its moment in the sun, thanks to an unexpected royal rivalry.