• James Middleton posts a new video
  • He shares adorable puppy advice 
  • He also posts touching tribute to his sister Kate

In a world where every click leads to another sensational story, James Middleton, the down-to-earth brother of Princess Kate, gives us a reason to smile! With his trusty dog Isla by his side and a garden full of frolicking pups, James shared his top tips for welcoming a new puppy into your home. But that's not all—this video comes with a side of heartfelt emotion as James stands by his sister during her brave cancer battle.

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A garden of delight and support

Filmed in his lush Berkshire garden, James, a proud dad and dog lover, cuddled up with his canine crew, including Zulu, Inka, Luna, Mabel, and Nala. His message? A simple, "Happy National Puppy Day!" But behind the playful scenes lies a deeper bond—James's dogs aren't just pets; they're his lifeline, having helped him through his own mental health struggles.

Royal resilience: A brother's tribute to Princess Kate

Just when we thought it couldn't get more touching, James shared a throwback photo with Princess Kate, promising to climb the mountain of her cancer treatment together. The royal siblings have always been tight-knit, with Kate and Pippa supporting James through thick and thin, even attending therapy sessions to better understand his journey.

As the Princess of Wales faces the early stages of preventative chemotherapy, the world watches on, sending love and strength to the royal family. And through it all, James's message rings clear: family and furry friends can get us through the toughest times.

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