• Prince Louis joins Duchess Kate's project
  • Your youngest offspring is already getting involved
  • The Royal shares proud words

As a member of the British royal family, you seem to get involved early on in life. Duchess Kate (41) launched the "Shaping Us" campaign at the beginning of the year, a project about the importance of early childhood development. Prince Louis (5) is now also becoming involved at an early age.

This is how Prince Louis emulates his mother

On Wednesday, Duchess Kate visited the Design Museum in London and shared how her youngest is already following in her footsteps and how Louis' class became part of the study of her passion project.

According to the 'Mirror', Kate explained the school class's contribution: "Louis' class came back with an emotion wheel. It's really good: they go into the classroom, they're five or six year olds, and they come with names or pictures in a colour that represents how they're feeling that day".

Kate's "Shaping Us" project recognizes the first years of a child's life as a crucial formative phase. To this end, the Duchess interviewed experts from 21 countries around the world to identify and combine the most important approaches to education and upbringing.

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The royal seems very proud of young Prince Louis contributing to the success of the campaign, sharing enthusiastically during her speech to 'The Shaping Us National Symposium': "So there is a real interest at school in participating in conversations in particular".