• Who do the British find more inspiring, Duchess Kate or Duchess Meghan?
  • The answer is clear
  • These are the poll results

A new poll was held in the UK as part of the Girls Out Loud campaign. This time it was about the title of the Most Inspiring Woman of the Year. Royal ladies were able to secure a place on the list. In the end, one of them was even at the top – but who? 

Duchess Kate vs. Duchess Meghan

The answer: Duchess Kate! With a full 35 percent of the votes, she landed in first place, leaving Duchess Meghan far behind. In the end, it was a fifth place for Prince Harry’s wife.

Kate's stepmother-in-law, Camilla, came in fourth. Third place went to ex-Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Also Interesting:

Presenter Rochelle Humes took second place with 25 percent behind Kate.

This result is unlikely to surprise anyone, after all, Kate is considered one of the most popular royals ever.

For Meghan, on the other hand, it is another setback. Just recently the results of a poll by The Sun showed how unpopular she has become in the UK.