• The "Trooping the Color" parade took place on Saturday
  • King Charles and Princess Kate stood side by side
  • Royal fans reacted with great joy

The "Trooping the Colour" parade is a real highlight every year, but this time the king was not the center of attention - even though this special day is dedicated to him. All eyes were on Princess Kate, who her first public appearance after cancer treatment on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. King Charles III made a special gesture to his daughter-in-law.

Princess Kate and King Charles

As the British royals gathered on the balcony to watch the military parade, King Charles and Princess Kate stood close to each other for a moment. The two exchanged a few words and enjoyed the beautiful moment.

Prince George, Prince William, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, Princess Kate, King Charles and Queen Camilla

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Kate also remained standing next to her father-in-law for the rest of the ceremony. The two royals unfortunately share the same tragic fate: not only Kate had to accept a devastating cancer diagnosis, King Charles also received such worrying news from his doctors a few months ago.