• King Willem pokes fun at Princess Kate's photo scandal
  • The King of Netherlands makes a cruel joke
  • When speaking to a group of children

In a moment that's got the world buzzing, King Willem-Alexander, the jovial Dutch monarch, couldn't resist a light-hearted swipe at the photo editing drama surrounding Princess Kate. While mingling with the masses, the King quipped to a young admirer, "Really?... At least I didn't photoshop it," sparking a wave of laughter among the onlookers. The crowd's reaction? Priceless!

Kate's photo faux pas: The snap that shook social media

The Princess of Wales found herself in the hot seat after her Mother's Day tribute – a charming photo with her adorable children – faced scrutiny for apparent digital touch-ups. The editing mishap led to a cascade of "kill notices" from major photo agencies, urging the removal of the image due to "manipulation." Kate's candid confession? An "experiment" by an amateur photographer, she said, apologizing for any confusion.

Latest royal news:

Despite the clamor for the unaltered photo, the palace remains tight-lipped, not planning to release the original. The Princess, still in the limelight post-surgery, has faced a barrage of online speculation over her health and marriage. Royal commentator Ingrid Seward urges the public to "give her a break," emphasizing the unfairness of the situation.

Meghan's move: A calculated coincidence?

Adding to the royal intrigue, Meghan Markle's business launch coincided with Princess Diana's awards, prompting speculation of subtle "one-upmanship." Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams suggests that with the Sussexes, "nothing is accidental."