In an interview with The Sunday Times, Lady Diana's brother Charles Spencer speaks about his childhood with his late sister, Lady Diana (†36). The separation of their parents was very difficult for the two of them. They had a particularly sad relationship with their mother, from which the future wife of Prince Charles, in particular, suffered greatly.

While their older sisters were away at boarding school, Charles and Diana spent most of their time at home. As Charles described in the interview, their father John Spencer (†68) was a very calm and loving person. Unfortunately, their mother Frances Shand Kydd (†68) was not suitable for the role of a mother.

Lady Diana's brother talks about her tough childhood

When Diana was five years old, her mother left the family. "While she was packing her stuff to leave, she promised Diana she’d come back to see her. Diana used to wait on the doorstep for her, but she never came," says Charles.

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Lady Diana und Bruder Charles Spencer
Lady Diana and Charles Spencer

In the same interview, he announced that he had taken to therapy himself to come to terms with the family situation. While Charles is now happily married to Karen Spencer, everyone knows the tragic story of Lady Diana. 

She married Prince Charles at the age of 20 and divorced in 1996 after 15 years of marriage. The following year, Lady Diana died in a tragic car accident in Paris.

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