• Princess Leonor of Spain has missing teeth
  • An expert explains what's going on with her teeth
  • Leonor may have had an operation

Many royal fans are wondering about Princess Leonor of Spain's teeth. She turned 17 on October 31. The Spanish heir to the throne is in Wales studying at a boarding school, however, she is currently back in her home country of Spain to celebrate her birthday and attend important appointments.

A while ago, she and her parents visited the coastal community of Cadavedo. The young Princess was in the best of moods and captivated everyone with her enchanting smile. Attentive observers have been noticing the gaps in their teeth for a long time.

Princess Leonor's teeth: She wears braces

According to some dental experts, the gaps in her teeth are due to the fact that “there are occasions in which when the definitive fangs are poorly positioned in the palate area, or quite high up, or in a bad angulation, they do not come out”, explained the doctors to Lecturas.

Princess Leonor has cute gaps in her teeth

Princess Leonor's teeth: did she have surgery?

In other words, an operation was probably performed to put Princess Leonor's tooth in the correct position in the dental arch. Teeth that are of great importance both functionally and aesthetically are "repositioned" in this procedure. Leonor's canine was probably trapped or left behind.

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Now Princess Leonor wears braces to help in the process of saving her teeth. Doctors said it was impossible to say how long it would take for the treatment to be completed. However, it's typical for a period of 12 to 18 months.

It's nice to see how confident Princess Leonor is despite the gaps in her teeth.