• Queen Elizabeth II's funeral took place on September 19th
  • Lipreader reveals the whispered words between Camilla and Duchess Kate 

During the Queen's funeral on September 19, all eyes were on the British royals. The adults were well aware that their every action was being analyzed by the viewers. But Prince George and Princess Charlotte are still too young to understand. During the ceremony, they were just acting their age

Quarrels between Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Prince George poked his sister in the ribs in an unobserved moment. His sister didn't like that at all - and neither did royal Camilla. As lip reader Jeremy Freeman revealed to 7News, Camilla (75) is said to have made her daughter-in-law Kate (40) aware of the behavior.

"Take them." She is said to have whispered to Duchess Kate. Kate then took her daughter's hand to separate the two siblings.

This is how King Charles felt at the Queen's funeral

Further observations by the lip reader also revealed how King Charles (73) felt about the ceremony. "Thank you, that was good work. You were wonderful", the monarch is said to have said to the archbishop.

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After that, the royals said goodbye and left for their limousines. The British royals are currently in a private mourning phase, which according to the BBC will last a week after the Queen's funeral.